About Me

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing"
Albert Einstein

My goal is to translate solid science into real-life solutions.
I am a student at the joint Biotechnology Ph.D./MBA program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. My PhD research, conducted under the supervision of Dr. Eddie Cytryn (Soil, Water and Environmental Science Institute, ARO) and Prof. Eduard Jurkevitch (HUJI, Hebrew University of Jerusalem), focuses on identifying novel antimicrobials-producing gene clusters in the root microbiome, using cutting-edge molecular biology and computational tools and pipelines. 
Alongside my academic research, I co-founded and managed (2017-2019) FaculTech, an Agtech entrepreneurship center at the Faculty of Agriculture, Environment and Food, Hebrew I.


Published Work

June 2020 (bioRxiv, currently under revision)

Barak Dror, Zongqiang Wang, Sean F. Brady, Edouard Jurkevitch, Eddie Cytryn

State-of-the-art methodologies to identify antimicrobial secondary metabolites in soil bacterial communities-A review

May 2020 (Soil Biology and Biochemistry)

Barak Dror, Eddie Cytryn and Edouard Jurkevitch

June 2019 (Volcani Voice)

Eddie Cytryn, Barak Dror and Max Kolton

March 2019 (J. Systematics and Evolution)

Shira Penner, Barak Dror , Iris Aviezer , Yamit Bar‐Lev , Ayelet Salman‐Minkov, Terezie Mandakova , Petr Šmarda, Itay Mayrose  and Yuval Sapir

August 2017 (Microbial Biotechnology)

Yael Lampert, Barak Dror, Noa Sela, Paula Teper-Bamnolker, Avinoam Daus, Shlomo Sela and Dani Eshel 

Snowy Woodland Trees

Awards and Scholarships (Partial)

'Lily Teper' Scholarship for Excellence (3000$)


Data Scientist Intern, Indigo Agriculture, Boston, USA.


Rieger Foundation Fellowship (5000$)


The Greenstein Award (3000$)


'Nathan Yaffe' Scholarship for Excellence (3000$)


Smith Scholarship for Excellent PhD Students (13,000$)





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